Red Stretch Marks – Why Do I Have Them?

red-stretch-marksHaving red stretch marks can burst your bubbles. It can knock down your confidence. Many people, especially women, are quite conscious with what they look. Once they notice these marks on their skin, they’d start to think of ways on how to get rid of them.

Having these marks on your skin can inhibit you from wearing revealing clothes such as swimsuits. A lot of women who have skin marks on their legs would not wear shorts or swimsuits because of embarrassment. Hence, having these marks can affect a person’s confidence level.

Actually, anybody can develop these skin pigmentations. It occurs as the result of the tearing of the skin’s connective tissues due to overstretching. These marks can happen at different instances such as puberty and pregnancy. These marks can be prevented but once you have already these marks, you can’t make them completely go away.

If you don’t want to have these marks on your skin, you can always find ways on how to prevent them. By keeping your skin healthy, you will be able to keep it tough and more flexible to accommodate the changes that happen in your body such as when you gain weight.

Hormones and sudden weight changes can result to skin marks. Hormonal changes can affect the skin’s connective tissues and can often weaken them. On the other hand, sudden weight gain can result to skin damage because the skin is not able to adjust to the immediate changes. Usually, both of these things occur during puberty. When a young teenager undergoes puberty, growth spurts, body changes, and hormonal changes occur. These changes can all predispose to developing stretch marks.

Boys undergoing pubertal changes would usually develop skin marks on their legs, thighs, stomach, and arms. Girls can also have marks on these areas but usually, they also develop marks on their breasts.

On the other hand, pregnancy is also a well-known cause for stretch marks. Most women who get pregnant develop skin marks on their skin. This is why pregnancy is often associated with marks on the skin.

In order to prevent these marks, it is important to nourish your skin from within and moisturize it. While you are still young, you need to nourish your skin by eating a well-balanced diet. Couple that balanced diet with adequate water intake and you’d be able to nourish your skin and moisturize it from within. Drinking plenty of water can prevent dehydration and will make your skin well moisturized.

Skin care experts would often advise the patients to eat foods that are rich in vitamins A and E. These vitamins are essential in keeping your skin healthy. These two are also found in supplements.

Aside from nourishing your skin and preventing dehydration, exercising regularly can also help in keeping your skin more flexible and in good shape.

Keep in mind that these basic healthy habits will greatly help you in keeping your skin healthy and preventing the occurrence of stretch marks.

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